Twitter Interview @PrideMovieUK

Andrew Scott (Pride Movie @PrideMovieUK):
Hi guys, ready to rock!

Schwerverletzt ‏@suicideofjim:
@PrideMovieUK Describe #Pride in three adjectives. #AskAndrew
A.S.: .@suicideofjim God yes
A.S.: .@suicideofjim

laura ‏@blindbankers:
#AskAndrew What languages can you speak? @PrideMovieUK
A.S.: .@blindbankers english irish french

Scottie ‏@andrewscottsbae:
#AskAndrew @PrideMovieUK it’d mean the world to me if you read this, I love you x
A.S.: .@andrewscottsbae sending you big hug xx

brendont is inactive ‏@the_ryhawk :
#AskAndrew can you help me with my homework
A.S.: @the_ryhawk what subject?

ezza rose ‏@ezzarose1:
@PrideMovieUK #AskAndrew Are you aware of just how incredibly sassy your dance moves really are?
A.S.: .@ezzarose1 oh fully.

thor the bunny ‏@Octopuslaughs:
@PrideMovieUK #AskAndrew what are you doing now except twitting?
A.S.: .@Octopuslaughs panicking

27 days ✮ ‏@cumberstrade:
@PrideMovieUK #askandrew what was it like working with bill nighy?
A.S.: @cumberstrade bill is one of my heroes,love him

Paddy Considine ‏@PaddyConsidine:
@PrideMovieUK Are you as handsome in the flesh as you are in my tele, or are you some kind of illusion? #AskAndrew
A.S.: .@PaddyConsidine you fainted when we first met so i think that answers it paddy

jereMY LOVE renner ‏@wintertribute:
#AskAndrew @PrideMovieUK Can u describe yourself in one word?
A.S.: @wintertribute bitter

sherrob ‏@dullnickname:
@PrideMovieUK #AskAndrew what was working with Imelda Staunton like?? Lots of love x
A.S.: @dullnickname imelda is a genius and a proper laugh

Laura :3 ‏@Vixen_Vip:
@PrideMovieUK #AskAndrew here have some chocolate 🍫
A.S.: @Vixen_Vip i like you

⬅️Bae⭐️ ‏@twerkinklaine_:
@PrideMovieUK #AskAndrew if you could be any person for a day, would would it be?
A.S.: @twerkinklaine_ paddy considine

Lady Grace Elmstone ‏@GraceElmstone:
@PrideMovieUK #AskAndrew Do you consider yourself more as an introvert or an extrovert?
A.S.: @GraceElmstone weird mixture of both

Iris de Wolf ‏@Irissiejj_:
@PrideMovieUK #AskAndrew No questions, just love. <3
A.S.: .@Irissiejj_ xxx

Cumbersweetie. ‏@GretaTelaro:
#AskAndrew @PrideMovieUK tweet me
A.S.: .@GretaTelaro direct approach

thor the bunny ‏@Octopuslaughs:
@PrideMovieUK #AskAndrew eat something?
A.S.: @Octopuslaughs is that a question or an order?

dad ‏@thatgoatkid:
#AskAndrew if so, what’s your favourite flavour of custard?
A.S.: .@thatgoatkid I absolutely detest custard

BigSpoon ‏@CommanderDaisy:
#AskAndrew Are you a beaver, because Damn ;)
A.S.: .@CommanderDaisy smoooth

ezza rose ‏@ezzarose1:
@PrideMovieUK #AskAndrew I can’t help but feel (based on that picture of you) that you’re being held against your will. Are you safe Andrew?
A.S.: @ezzarose1 well you’re not helping

wyrdyspook ‏@wyrdyspook:
@PrideMovieUK @thatgoatkid oh dear poor baby, no tea, no porridge no custard, please say you like chocolate #AskAndrew
A.S.: .@wyrdyspook @thatgoatkid now we’re talking

Royä Zamani ‏@middleearthelf:
@PrideMovieUK Favourite profanity? #AskAndrew
A.S.: .@middleearthelf f*ckbox

the johnlock master ‏@cuddleholmes:
@PrideMovieUK #AskAndrew this isn’t a question but you really helped me come out, thank you so much
A.S.: @cuddleholmes xxx

caitie ★彡 ‏@strayheartphan:
#AskAndrew @PrideMovieUK what’s your favourite Starbucks drink??
A.S.: @strayheartphan like they need a plug

♀xia.♀ ‏@shercoxk:
#askandrew @PrideMovieUK You may think I’m cheesy but I’m actually pretty gouda ;)
A.S.: .@shercoxk you guys are outdoing yourselves

@PrideMovieUK #askAndrew do you pee in the shower
A.S.: .@NEIGHBOURHO0DS WHY do you need to know that?

maddie ‏@Canucksfan2887:
@PrideMovieUK #AskAndrew why is it important for everyone to watch Pride?
A.S.: .@Canucksfan2887 hilarious, sad amazing film we are genuinely proud of. please go see you’ll be changed. x

chloe ‏@cumbermurs:
@PrideMovieUK #AskAndrew do you like chickens?
A.S.: .@cumbermurs meh

Julia ‏@Baraceschi:
@PrideMovieUK i’m crying #askandrew
A.S.: .@Baraceschi cheer up darlin

Michael Muneses ‏@muneses_m:
@PrideMovieUK #AskAndrew when did you find out that you are absolutely beautiful?
A.S.: .@muneses_m i think it was thursday the 11th

curiousvillager ‏@curiousvillager:
@PrideMovieUK #AskAndrew This is not a question just wanted you to much México loves you!!
A.S.: @curiousvillager xxxxx

Valerie ‏@mscrzn:
@PrideMovieUK Andrew! We are baking cookies. Do you want some? #AskAndrew
A.S.: @mscrzn go on then

Beth ✌️ ‏@BethInGoldBlood:
Here’s me being you.. But with boobs @PrideMovieUK #AskAndrew
A.S.: @BethInGoldBlood you look great darlin x

alesha ‏@lunaeclair:
@PrideMovieUK #AskAndrew I think I’m having a heart attack
A.S.: .@lunaeclair well you’re doing exactly the right first thing in tweeting me.

Chaidene ‏@CumberSwift1989:
I’m thinking of making one of these with pictures of you on it. What do you think? #AskAndrew @PrideMovieUK
A.S.: .@CumberSwift1989 you need to get on this.

audra ‏@RyrawrRoss:
@PrideMovieUK #AskAndrew does it bother you when people call you Andy?
A.S.: @RyrawrRoss yes

Doctor Oswald ‏@waywardjerk:
@PrideMovieUK here! Have some oreo lasagna! #AskAndrew
A.S.: @waywardjerk that looks DELICIOUS

Amy ‏@amyloula_:
#askAndrew Would you rather have grapes for eyes or a banana for a mouth
A.S.: @amyloula_ Amy imgonna go with grapes

Iris White ‏@whiteBowie:
Andrew T-T, I seriously haven’t slept for two days because of my dissertation. I’m worried that I’m going to die T-T…#AskAndrew
A.S.: .@whiteBowie keep the faith you can do it x

Sklr ‏@ErMehGersh:
#AskAndrew @PrideMovieUK I like food.
A.S.: .@ErMehGersh Unusual.

ℒazarus Rising ‏@Goldfxsh:
@PrideMovieUK What was it like working with Ben Whishaw on The Hour ? #AskAndrew
A.S.: @Goldfxsh i love ben.

zoe✌️ ‏@zfisher99:
@PrideMovieUK #AskAndrew will you marry me??😉
A.S.: .@zfisher99 whats your dowry like? x

srushti ‏@panicatthedesco:
All of it wouldn’t fit in a tweet :) @PrideMovieUK #AskAndrew x4
A.S.: .@panicatthedesco Thank you. Power to the people xxx

Andrew Scott reacts ‏@Scottreacts:
@pridemovieuk #AskAndrew if you were a pigeon who would you shit on and why
A.S.: .@Scottreacts @Moriartea221 I LOVE that question.

Scottie ‏@andrewscottsbae:
@PrideMovieUK @Scottreacts @Moriartea221 you didn’t answer it #AskAndrew
A.S.: @andrewscottsbae @Scottreacts @Moriartea221 i love that tweet.

{ charlie } ‏@MoriartysApple:
I got offered a place at LAMDA. Are you proud of me? #AskAndrew
A.S.: @MoriartysApple @Moriartea221 yeah!!!

Amy ‏@amyloula_:
How does the word ‘egg’ make you feel #AskAndrew
A.S.: @amyloula_ bit sick

Rebekah Tennant ‏@themusemadbex:
@PrideMovieUK #AskAndrew Is it a coincidence that the Q&A happens to be on @larapulver ‘s birthday? Or is there some mystery behind it?
A.S.: @themusemadbex @larapulver happy birthday beautiful lara AS XXX

BenedictBAE ‏@Nancy_Sgro:
@PrideMovieUK #AskAndrew Are you as excited for TIFF as we are?Planning on seeing any films while you are here? Who would you like to meet?
A.S.: @Nancy_Sgro can’t wait for TIFF Come say hi! xxx

chloe ‏@httpsbenedict:
@PrideMovieUK Who would you recommend taking along when you to see Pride? #AskAndrew
A.S.: .@httpsbenedict you could take your grandparents, your parents your kids friends honestly its for everyone xxx

TheMaster’sCompanion ‏@OhMyDoctor96:
@PrideMovieUK Can this be the last question you answer? #AskAndrew
A.S.: .@OhMyDoctor96 And so it was….

A.S.: Thanks people. You have exhausted me. Big love xxx